Conversation Impact

  1. I use conversation most often to:
  2. In conversation, when I provide a needed solution to someone, I expect them to:
  3. I believe I am most helpful in conversation when:
  4. I have a way of talking that gets people to:
  5. When I am angry, my conversation is likely to result in:
  6. During a conversation I listen for:
  7. I talk:
  8. When I am giving instructions to others, I like it best when:
  9. How do you let people know you are in charge?
  10. When some one has blatantly violated the rules, I am likely to:
  11. I feel my communication has been most effective when people respond by:
  12. In my conversations, I am more likely to be:
  13. Based on the way I talk to them, people are more likely to think of me as:
  14. I can name a recent conversation in which I helped someone to experience positive change:
  15. I am likely to ask more questions than I am likely to give answers:
  16. I like it most when people walk away from our conversation feeling:
  17. In my conversations, I intentionally esteem the other person:
  18. When there is an urgent deadline, I am more likely to:
  19. What does the statement "two heads are better than one," mean to you?
  20. I am likely to challenge people:
  21. If you were to lead a project, how would you talk to the people in your group?